Amanda Riley

LCM dip, Cert ECBS, fht
Therapies Tailored to Suit Your Needs

Welcome to The ART of Healing

Here at the ART of Healing, I want to help to allow you to be free of restrictions in the body and mind.

Knowing and understanding as I do that disease is often caused by dis-ease of the mind then together we are able to come to a deeper connection with your body.

I can’t fix you, I work with you to allow you to identify yourself, in your time and with a combination of therapies to ease you through.   I do not diagnose any disease, I only treat a condition alongside medical support.  I am a complementary therapist, NOT alternative and I believe allopathic medicine has a solution for many medical conditions.     I will happily work alongside the medication that you are currently taking in order to try to find the emotional root cause to a disease/stress or strain within the body.

Whatever your illness, injury, disease, stress or strain, there will be a healing modality to suit your needs:

I do several forms of healing, I am trained to offer Pranic Healing, Riley Method and Reiki.

Pranic Healing is a method of hands off healing that can help with illnesses, chronic disease, stress, emotional healing and addiction issues.   Pranic healing can be done from a distance too, so you can be in the comfort of your home and I can send healing to you.  You are welcome to come to the clinic also or have a session over skype.

The Riley Method listens to the body, to the mind in a gentle, calm, balanced and safe way.   The Riley Method is an entirely intuitive treatment which can be hands on or hands off.    I can step into your emotional body and listen to the feelings that are currently there and might be blocking you from experiencing life to the full.   I can also pick up insights to help you move forward in life.

Reiki, I am a Reiki Master and can offer gentle healing through the chakra system to relax and ease the body into wellness.  My preference is to offer this as a hands on therapy so you can experience the heat coming from the healing, however, you can also receive this as a hands off healing if you prefer and can also receive this at a distance.

It has long been recognised that touch can have a powerful effect on the body.  When we are relaxed through touch our natural healing mechanisms work more effectively; the immune system is strengthened and the breath becomes less inhibited and more efficient. Certain touch encourages the release of the hormone oxytocin, increasingly recognised as an important agent in promoting feelings of well-being and connection.

I work by using one of the many complementary therapies that I am qualified in, see my website alongside tools that I have picked up from courses attended.    I have spent some time assisting at working in the energetic field, I have also been attending a psychic development circle for a few years to increase my connection and intuition.

I am happy to discuss anything you would like prior to making a booking, but in summary you just need to bring yourself to the appointment and the time and space to allow for us to gently listen together without judgement.

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