Pregnancy Therapies

Therapies during pregnancy can help support you through so many changes​
The joys of motherhood await, let’s work together to prepare your body for the wonderful life that awaits

I am hugely excited to hear of your pregnancy.  Congratulations, may your journey be smooth and full of joy.

As you progress through the pregnancy you may discover you have more aches, muscle tension and for some, pain.
I am here to support you through each stage of your journey and to remind you to rest when you can, whilst you can!!

I offer a wonderful therapy using Hydrotherm pads.  Lying on your back with the head of the table raised to create more of a seated position, the hydrotherm massage supports the lower back and is so luxurious you will want to return for more.    Hydrotherm massage is shown in my video below:

I also offer reflexology during pregnancy and to help induce labour.   Although absolutely no claims can be made that reflexology will definitely be able to change the arrival date!!

But I recommend giving yourself the chance to relax, rest and repair as much as possible before your baby/ies arrive(s) and I have lots of ways to help

5 ways therapies can support you during pregnancy

1) Relieves muscle aches, especially present in the lower back, hips and shoulders, all very common during pregnancy

2) Helps to improve joint pain, as the body adapts to pregnancy and the hormonal changes, for example with relaxin hormone increasing this helps the body expand the ribcage and the abdominal muscles, but it can also create more clumsiness and pain as the body expands.   Massage helps to ease any associated pain.

3) Can improve the labour outcome by encouraging more ease within the body and help improve circulation for both mother and baby.

4) During pregnancy, just like other ligaments in the body, the ligaments of the spine also become more elastic and less stable.  As a result, you are more susceptible to back pain – which is eased by both reflexology and massage.

5) The warm pads of the hydrotherm let you relax and they support you in your lower back molding to your body shape.    As you are lying on the pads you take the pressure off your feet which helps ease any swelling in your limbs


I had two pregnancy massages with the art of healing. They were brilliant! Instantly relaxed and gave me the respite I needed. Highly recommend.

Came to Amanda during my pregnancy for reflexology. Absolutely amazing and healing magic hands. Lovely lady xx