De-Stress, Relax and Unwind

Massage, Reflexology and Reiki
for 90 minutes of total bliss: relaxation, restoration and release.

Each treatment allows you to feel unique, special and tailored for you.   Drift off and deeply relax and unwind, feeling looked after and supported.

The treatment starts with a 30 minute reflexology session, where you lie on your back on the treatment table and allow the process of unwinding to commence.  With this, information is given about any areas of imbalance or tension/pain that will be worked further through the massage.

Moving gently into the massage, working up the body towards the head, gently relaxing, calming and releasing tension in the muscles.  When you move onto your front the massage continues, improving circulation from toe to head, creating a gentle space to really let go of any stresses or strain.

Finishing with some Reiki healing to restore and create peace and re-balance the emotions.

Massage in Farnborough.

Each picture tells a story of an experience in Amanda’s life, the journey she has travelled to meet you, here.

4 Ways the Signature Treatment Supports Your Health

We can often take our mental, physical and emotional health for granted until we are stuck and in need of support.  We would love to support you in your journey towards a brighter and healthier life and starting through loving what is.  This combined treatment can help you in a number of ways:

1) Restores tired, aching and painful muscles

2) Allows you the chance to stop, be listened to and heard or to simply switch off and rest

3) Can reduce tension in the body which aims to reduce headaches and increase your somatic response

4) Helps to improve sleeping patterns at night


Great practitioner with a very calming and lovely energy. Really good reflexology

Amanda is completely lovely and a brilliant masseuse. Definitely recommend!