De-Stress, Relax and Unwind

There are a number of therapies to help support you to De-Stress, Relax and Unwind

I want you to feel like your shiny self all over again, stress can knock us off our perch and create problems down the line with our health.

So I can recommend a number of therapies to help support you.

Massage – We tailor the pressure to your needs, but here are some of the options available:

Swedish Therapeutic Massage – the most requested massage, gentle where it needs to be, but firm and deeper strokes in areas of tension.  Relaxation and release in one.

Holistic Massage – Gentle, calming and balancing treatment, no fixing, no firm pressure, just gliding and peaceful.  The holistic massage takes into account your body, mind and spirit.

Indian Head Massage – working on the head, scalp, neck and face – relaxing, invigorating, reducing headaches, tension and calming the mind.

Facial Shiatsu – applying finger pressure to the face to send you off to a deeper sense of peace, some people see colours when receiving this wonderful treatment.

Reflexology – Working on the reflex points in the feet to restore balance and harmony to the whole body, is also a great hormone balancer and for some people is their answer to complete relaxation.  When people like reflexology, they tend to love it.

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Want to feel sparkling again?

6 Ways Relaxing therapies can help you

  1. Did you know that having a massage, can have the same effect on the whole body as a great nights sleep? 
  2. Relaxation is great for lowering your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate.
  3. Reduces anger and frustration
  4. Reduces chronic pain
  5. Increases blood flow and circulation
  6. Reduces levels of fatigue


Amanda is a genius

Thank you so much Amanda for a brilliant reflexology session - you have a real gift

Great practitioner with a very calming and lovely energy. Really good reflexology

Really excellent therapist

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