Healing Therapies

True healing is where we find our way forward in life
The therapist can support you with a step forward, to guide, listen and hear​

Amanda Riley believes that healing lies within, she is merely a conduit to help you to heal yourself.

Amanda is highly intuitive, coming from a medical family background and having worked within various hospitals, she has insight into illness, injury and dis-ease.

After experiencing the pain, fear, frustration, sadness and more from a chronic condition she knew only too well how this dragged her down and held her back.

But using various methods of healing, medication, self-healing, changes in diet, lifestyle and emotional awareness she has learnt how to manage this for herself and support others along the way.

Amanda uses Reiki, Pranic Healing and Emotional release work to support clients through their healing journey.

She is aware of when to step back and allow people to float or fly or fall.

She is more than happy to discuss any requirements you need to create the perfect session for you.


Amanda gave me a fabulous massage infused with some Reiki and a few other treatments that helped with my anxiety. I left feeling very clear minded and relaxed. I would highly recommend Ananda

I am completely amazed at the results of having healing from Amanda. The positive change in me has been fantastic and I am lucky enough to be on this journey to a brighter, lighter me. Amanda just seems to know what to and how to work her magic. I highly recommend her healing to everyone!