Soul Sync Meditation

A 20 min daily meditation practice on zoom, to manifest your highest desires


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Whatever your reason for coming to meditation now is the time to start, not tomorrow, but TODAY.

You will only ask yourself why you didn’t start sooner!

Farnborough Meditation

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Each picture tells a story of an experience in Amanda’s life, the journey she has travelled to meet you, here.

4 Ways the Signature Treatment Supports Your Health

We can often take our mental, physical and emotional health for granted until we are stuck and in need of support.  We would love to support you in your journey towards a brighter and healthier life and starting through loving what is.  This combined treatment can help you in a number of ways:

1) Restores tired, aching and painful muscles

2) Allows you the chance to stop, be listened to and heard or to simply switch off and rest

3) Can reduce tension in the body which aims to reduce headaches and increase your somatic response

4) Helps to improve sleeping patterns at night


Great practitioner with a very calming and lovely energy. Really good reflexology

Gisele, London

Amanda is completely lovely and a brilliant masseuse. Definitely recommend!

Jess, London

Prices for Signature Treatment

All prices are for treatments at the Farnborough clinic only and are subject to change

How to Book

Talk to Amanda today to find a time to book your treatment, feel free to call, email or complete this form