About The Therapist

Meet Amanda Riley
Cert CBS, Dip Ref, LCM dip, FHT member.

Hello, welcome to my website, thank you for having a look around.   A little bit about me, I am qualified in a number of therapies. I first studied for a diploma from the London College of Massage in 2008 spending my first years working with a significant number of oncology patients in various hospitals.  I am passionate about how massage can help people primarily to relax, rest and repair.   It is always my preferred choice of therapy as I know it can help everyone and you will feel better immediately after and during a treatment.   There were also so many other therapies to learn that soon thereafter I began learning Reiki and progressed to Reiki Master in July 2017. Becoming a Reiki Master is a rite of passage, whereby you have proven to be adept in performing Reiki and sufficiently understanding the ethos to be able to pass this gift on to others. As a result, I now also teach Reiki 1 & 2.   
I also went on to learn Reflexology and this skill has been so beneficial in helping people of all ages, I was so surprised by this treatment as some of the people I have given a session to have commented on exactly where they feel it in their body.  Reflexology is an all body treatment, but done entirely on the feet.  Gentle and relaxing, I have a huge number of male clients that swear by its benefits.   It seems to be particularly great for people who may feel nervous or anxious as it works through the nervous system, calming and relaxing throughout.  It has so many benefits to the body, particularly for helping reduce pain also for fertility and pregnancy.   I personally found it most beneficial when in a flare of ulcerative colitis.  You don’t have to take any clothes off, so it’s easy to pop out if needed!   Throughout the last decade I have gone on to learn so many different modalities, Hydrotherm Massage is a wonderful treatment lying on your back on warm pads of water which are uniquely supportive and warming the muscles at the same time.   I have thoroughly enjoyed working with cancer patients post surgery using the hydrotherm system as it is so easy to be massaged without impacting any stiches or surgery because you do not lie on your front.  But the greatest joy has been to work with pregnant ladies using the hydrotherm massage because it is so lovely being a part of the pregnancy journey with a woman, to help ease her aching back, hips, shoulders and to help her to ease into her new role as a mother.   Really heart warming and wonderful experiences.
I have gone on to work in so many wonderful locations with my work, being able to support cancer patients for Ndi Myo in Malawi, as well as Guildford and Frimley, but also being able to volunteer for The Healing Hands Network in Sarajevo, working with victims of the war by giving hands on therapies was a beautiful and rewarding experience.   
With my own personal experience of loss and grief, losing my father to lung cancer in 2008 and my mother to a brain haemorrhage just before 2020 lockdown, I went on to develop Ulcerative Colitis, which has sent me on a great path of self-discovery to try and heal myself.
In 2011, I met and discovered Kari Paues, where my understanding of the energetic field really awakened.  The connection between humans and of my own internal understandings really started from this point.   She led me to working with Gordon Jessiman as you will be able to see from the video linked from his name, that he has a great insight into the emotional world within.  From working with Gordon I went on to attend Penninghame in 2013 and went on to uncover even more emotions and discover how I had been holding back from feeling my own feelings.  All this work and continued work has enabled me to work more closely with others in uncovering their feelings.   Since 2016 I have also attended a weekly psychic development group with the very lovely Tina Axtmann learning how to understand and read for others.   

"My passion is helping people uncover their emotions"

“My long-held belief is that if we are able to manage our emotions more effectively and be heard in a safe and compassionate way then we will become happier and healthier in the long term, who knows, maybe even preventing serious conditions from arising.