About The Therapist

Meet Amanda Riley
Cert CBS, Dip Ref, LCM dip, FHT member.

A warm welcome to you, how can I help you?    I am passionate about helping others, I have always been curious about people, about what makes you tick, about how you feel and how I can help you.

I am so privileged to have worked with such a wide variety of clients over the last 15 years which has been so rewarding.

After losing my father to cancer,  I volunteered my time offering therapies within several cancer centres in Surrey for 8 years.  Supporting people through the stresses and strains of illness and disease.   

I have also had the opportunity to volunteer my services by working out in Sarajevo and Malawi, both experiences gave me so much more insight into illness, dis-ease and trauma.

Alongside this I have worked in a number of offices providing massages and reflexology to staff to help unwind and relieve stress.   

I help to release tension, reduce pain and help support you through some of life’s tough moments.    If you would like to chat about what I can offer to help you, please do call – my number is 07989 604750, my email is Amanda@theartofhealing.me.uk.   Always happy to help you to feel better, lighter, brighter and more relaxed.

"My passion is helping people release their emotions"

“My long-held belief is that if we are able to manage our emotions more effectively and be heard in a safe and compassionate way then we will become happier and healthier in the long term, who knows, maybe even preventing serious conditions from arising?   

I offer a listening ear with no judgement in all of my therapeutic work, and allow the space for peace if preferred.