Live on Zoom Daily Soul Sync Meditation

This Soul Sync daily meditation on zoom was created by O&O Academy, India.

Using this meditation helps you to enter a state of calm and expansion where you can create harmony and manifest your heartfelt desires. This sequence of breathwork, sound vibration, visualization and observation will help you be in sync with life.

The best way to experience this meditation is daily, in the morning. After your brief journey, you will feel uplifted and energized. The more you practice, the more you will align with your heartfelt intentions and manifest synchronicities.

After you have paid you will be emailed the zoom link to sign up and an email will be sent via zoom, you can also connect on whatsapp where I send out a daily reminder.  We are a large group, but only a few arrive on a regular basis, sometimes there is just one person, sometimes 50.   Everyone comes and goes at their leisure.   If you notice you have missed the start, you are still able to join as everyone arrives in with their sound and camera off.   So please come and use when you prefer.