Heavily Meditated Premium Reclaimed Cotton and Recycled Polyester White Writing Woven Tote Bag (2 Colours)

This premium cotton tote bag is crafted in premium reclaimed cotton and recycled polyester. This quality tote serves as the perfect shopping companion and is the ideal accessory for showing the fun side of your meditaiton practice whilst looking after the environment too.

Did you know?? We run daily meditation groups online with The ART of Healing for you to connect to your inner world so that you can change your outer world.  Manifesting your goals with the Great Soul Sync Mediation.

The woven tote bag is cut in premium 300gsm 80% reclaimed cotton, 20% recycled polyester and features clean and reinforcing finishes.

Fabric: 300 g­/m², Canvas, 80% Recycled cotton, 20% Recycled polyester.

  • Lovely long handles to carry bag
  • Unique Design
  • Stylish and funny and that’s just you!
Sizes OS
Height, cm 39
Width, cm 37
Strap Length, cm 65