Meditation for everyone

Create peace, calm & better concentration in a busy world

Have you tried and failed to meditate? Is it something you imagine “someone else” does?
Is it just for 
those people and not you?

I thought that way too, I thought I had to be some sort of spiritual guru to achieve bliss and that was the whole point, if I couldn’t rest my mind straight away I thought I was a failure, or this isn’t for me, it is for those who are better, or have more time….

But meditation isn’t a destination or about reaching a goal, or being more spiritual than someone else. It is about understanding yourself better, calming your mind and finding a moment of peace in a hectic and busy world.

I now meditate daily and as a result my intuition has become stronger, I sense things more keenly, I feel so much more peaceful and calm. My mind relaxes and my body feels calmer as a result. I have better concentration and better internal communication. 

In my experience with meditation, I had to overcome feelings of inadequacy, judgement and self-criticism and just find a way to get into a routine. Wherever, whenever and in the simplest way was the way forward for me.  

After I had achieved a few sessions daily I would stop, question why and forget to continue. Then I would pick it up again as I was yearning for a deeper level of calm only to drop it again and again. 

Online Soul Sync Meditation
The path is clear

At Last!

When lockdown appeared I realised that meditation was now accessible for me, particularly as my work as a hands on therapist had stopped. My busy life had come to a full stop and the world seemed very different and full of fear.   

I knew I had to do something to help to relax my mind and body, and I wanted to keep in regular contact with people. Isolation can be incredibly hard for our busy minds and enforced isolation even harder. 

I decided to try and finally make meditation my daily practice because I was fed up of trying and “failing” and I wanted to be calm and more balanced with the ever changing world.

How and where?

I started hosting an online daily meditation, this 20-25 minute meditation was taught to me by the team at, this was a wonderful transformative retreat in Scotland. I had been teaching this meditation for Penninghame online with a team of us, but this was only one night a month or less and I found I craved the opportunity to do this more frequently. This meditation was developed by O&O Academy in India to help to connect people together, to understand the true meaning of connection and to support people to create and manifest a new goal. This goal can be hugely different for each person, and sometimes the goal for me was just to achieve the meditation!

Each day I send a zoom link to a group of participants that I knew from the course at Penninghame and since then it has grown to clients, friends and friends of friends.   

As I decided to be the sole (soul!) host of this meditation I knew I would have to commit to a daily practice.   And that commitment has been a lot easier than I imagined, knowing that I am there for others on a daily basis has supported me too.    

I had a deep sense of loss on losing my hands-on therapy work due to Covid – supporting and helping others, I have become aware, was linked to a big part of my self-worth. When I asked one day for a small donation for running the daily group, I recommended £8.88 as the Chinese believe 8 is a lucky number, two people sent me £88! I was astounded at how much they valued this service and enjoyed the practice too.

I charge £88.88 to join, which is a one off payment and this gives you a lifetime of free access to the meditations I host.  Join us for meditation, we would love to have you on board. Feel free to access my youtube channel for many more meditations for free