Happy New Year – New Year’s Resolutions

In the past it was around this date in January that my New Year’s resolutions would begin to fade, back to work and the excesses of the Christmas holidays still weighing heavily on my body, heart and mind and I would begin to feel fed up, tired and frustrated. My extensive list of goals I wanted to achieve was looking at me accusatively! So if this is you, here are some steps to help you achieve your goals for 2024.

How do you get the results you want from your New Year’s resolutions?

What are your goals?

Sounds simple really, of course you know what you want, you want to find your perfect partner, you want to lose weight, you want to get fitter, you want to have more money, you want to go on more holidays, you want to work less, you want to work more, you want a promotion…. and the list goes on

But realistically – what is the actual reason for your goal?

Why do you want to lose weight? Do you want to wear different clothes, feel better within, feel more energetic, do you feel like you should be a certain amount on the scales?

Wanting more money – does that mean you want to earn more? Do you want to work harder, what does money give you?

Get fitter – to feel more confident, to feel more energised, to look better?

When you can work out exactly what it is you are looking for, then you really can start to work towards your goal and maybe there are easier ways than you thought to achieve it? Look for the fine details and reasons why.

How will you feel when you achieve your goal?

Take some time to really visualise, close your eyes, move away from any distractions and focus on your goal. For example, how will having more money make you feel? How will you walk when you have more money? How will others perceive you? How will you spend your money, will you invest it, save some, give some to charity? With each of these just sit and reflect, what you believe you will feel. Then question, is it actually money you want, how does this feel? Does it settle right within you? Don’t force it, let what happens arise. If you struggle go back to step one…

Take Action

You didn’t just think it was all in the OHM did you? Sadly, no. All big dreams start with one tiny step. Want to lose weight? Just write out a plan for one day, what you believe would be the healthiest way to eat the next day. Just one day, nothing more or less. And action it. Did it work? Did you manage it? Where did you get stuck? Right down your revised action plan for the following day. Ok, so maybe your goal is to find your ideal partner? Have you joined a dating agency online? Every single goal starts with one single step in the right direction and you just keep trying. One step after another. Not one single successful business person hasn’t failed plenty of times, the only reason they are successful is because they keep on trying.

Limiting Beliefs

Sometimes we keep trying and keep failing and wonder why we should continue.

“It’s taken me 10 years and I have still not found the right partner for me”
“This manifesting thing just doesn’t work”
“I am too old”
“I don’t deserve success”
“I don’t have any willpower”

If these are your thoughts, then you are correct, this manifesting thing actually works better than you realise – if you limit your beliefs then you will not find the right partner, you will not make more money than last year, you will not lose weight…. None of these things will happen for you.

So it’s time to ask yourself more probing questions, like do I believe I can achieve? Do I feel like I am worthy of getting to my goals? Do I want to pursue a better life or am I happy as I am? Where do I feel stuck? What is stopping me from success? What is really stopping me from being the best I can be?

So are you ready to change your thoughts, challenge your inner voice, start reframing and reprogramming your inner chatter?


Do you ever feel like maybe you are pushing too much and not gaining enough? Does it feel like you are constantly struggling to attain your goals? If you just keep pushing without listening to your own inner wisdom it can feel like you are hitting a brick wall. Maybe there are other issues in your life that need to be resolved first? When you are truly in the flow of life it really doesn’t feel like you are struggling or pushing or forcing yourself to achieve, you are simply doing what you have preprogramed your brain to accept and you continue along a path that feels fluid. Getting to this point, this flow, is in part, after a journey of acceptance. When you allow all struggles to be a part of your path, your growth and your development, you learn to accept that this is all here to allow for change. Acceptance of your journey and your future is in your hands. Acceptance creates flow.


Now to really let the party start – sit back and glow. Find all the gratitude you can muster for being wonderful you, for being able to breathe in and out freely, for being able to move your arms and legs, blink your eyes, walk, run, laugh, sigh, scream & cry – give gratitude for every single moment that you have failed in life because in each of those moments a lesson was being learnt. Give gratitude for each tiny expression of love that you have given and received. For each smile you have observed, each flower and every tree.

When you sit in the energy of gratitude you allow for joy to be present in this moment and you allow for joy to come to you. We simply attract in what we are. If you want love, feel loving. If you want more money feel wealthy, if you want to lose weight feel lighter.

If you need any help, there are two ways in which I can help you to achieve your goals this year

  1. Sign up to the daily Soul Sync meditation group – 7:30am and 8:45am every day – or view this on YouTube
  2. Book emotional release work to work on releasing your blocks to success (on zoom)

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