Tension, Backache and Pain

Fed up with back pain? Tension, knots?
We offer a selection of therapies to help to reduce pain and increase range of movement.​

Since 2008, here at The ART of Healing, I have been working with clients in pain.  I know how it can stop you from feeling your best.

Pain anywhere in the body can be at best distracting, at worst debilitating.  I am able to support you to reduce pain and to help to manage long term conditions.  

By reducing the tension in your neck and shoulders it can free you up to sleep better at night, reduce tension headaches and allow you to feel lighter and more at ease.

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Massage Farnborough
I offer different techniques, such as deep tissue massage with pressure points, fascial release work and Bowen. Reflexology can also help with pain throughout the body by working through the nervous system using reflex points. The Bowen Technique has been very effective in helping clients reduce pain, helping with frozen shoulder, bursitis, neck pain, back ache, knee pain, migraines, digestive issues, IBS and IBD, jaw problems, tennis elbow, RSI, Pelvic pain, Ankle and foot problems to name but a few. Bowen is a very gentle technique, using rolling type movements in key parts of the body to obtain release.

Also combining myofascial release with deep tissue can be effective in reducing muscle tension and localised muscle pain.

There are a number of methods to utilise to help reduce your pain levels,  give us a call and book yourself in for an appointment today.

I enjoy taking photographs, so many (not all) on this site are my own, so apologies as they are not professionally taken!

3 ways to help reduce pain

Pain can be all consuming – so it takes a lot of discipline to sit with pain rather than try and avoid the feeling.  

1) Take some quiet time to listen, then ask yourself “what am I feeling right now?” Physical pain, as with emotional pain, can be supported by literally sitting quietly and observing the pain.  What is the location of the pain, what movement helps or doesn’t help?  Where is the direct source?  All this information will be useful if coming for a therapy, going to a physio or a doctor.

2) Get a hot water bottle and put it on the area, or an ice pack if there is swelling.  Sometimes using a wheat pack on your shoulders at night before bed can just help to reduce tension and pain to aid a better night’s sleep.

3) Relaxation in whatever form can reduce pain, whether that be having a nice long bath, or running a marathon.  What is it that helps you to relax?  Listening to gentle soothing music or coming to your favourite therapist for some treatment, you decide but put yourself on top of your to do list.


I suffer with chronic arm pain and use a lot of codeine and morphine. I was a bit doubtful that Amanda could help with my pain....But WOW. After a minute of treatment, I felt very hot and then my pain began to reduce. It’s now 8 hours after treatment and I still haven’t had any pain relief. Amanda Riley is better than morphine...will certainly see her again... and she’s lovely, straightforward and friendly Thanks Amanda x

I was a bundle of hardened muscle - so much so that my knee was in real pain and out of alignment. My hip and shoulder were also out of kilter and in pain. Amanda massaged all my muscles to within an inch of their life and eased the pain/tightness no end - and also that night I slept like a baby ! I highly recommend her - such a wonderful experience - I honestly feel that I am walking taller and more upright now. Thank you Amanda and wow 🤩 😃