Connect and Share

An hour on zoom, to feel, to share, to shake it all out

A chance to stop, to rest the brain, the mind and leave the ego behind. A step into feeling, a foray within, a laugh, a giggle, a frown, a cry. All welcome here. I’m angry, I’m sad, I’m nervous, I’m mad nothing unusual or to fear.

Join Us – Thursdays at 12pm – 1pm – £15

We start with a welcome some grounding rules, meditation, sharing, laughing and feeling whatever emotion arises at the time.  Finish by shaking it all off.  Also we might start with feelings and end with a meditation.  

Come and join, you must be willing to share your face but not to have to share your feelings.  Silence is allowed, chat is welcome, all feelings are valid.  There may only be you attending, so take this as an opportunity to fully share and shout and scream and let it all out!

When we are in a group, we respect each other, we do not share anything discussed in the group outside of the group.  We do not project our feelings onto others and we take responsibility for all our feelings, no matter how hard that may be.

How to Feel
Feelings are welcome