Fertility Therapies

To help support you through your fertility journey using complementary therapies

There are many stages of the fertility process, Amanda Riley offers a space to listen and help support you through each step.

She has used Reflexology or Bowen Fascial Release therapy to help people to conceive or to support when conception hasn’t been possible, to help overcome the sadness of loss and to offer some light going forward.

Reflexology works the endocrine system, balancing and stabilising the hormones to help with conception.

Whilst the Bowen Technique helps by working the fascial and releasing any blocks starting in the coccyx area which has helped some former clients to conceive.


We recommend you try supporting yourself with complementary therapies right at the start of your journey.   This gives you the opportunity to be at your most relaxed, supported and ready for what may lie ahead.

Working through any issues, emotions along the way can provide the key to discovering what your needs and goals may be.

This journey can take its toll on your mental health – being prepared for all eventualities, feeling your feelings and talking can help reduce that impact

Emotional support can also be offered on zoom

3 ways to support your fertility journey

This can be a short or long journey and it is one we all hope will produce the outcome of a healthy baby.  There are so many ways that you can support yourself through this process.

  1. Follow a healthy and balanced diet
  2. Try not to over exercise or under exercise – find the right balance to suit you
  3. Try and reduce your levels of stress by having some massage or reflexology


Amanda was delightful, kind, insightful. The experience was completely tailored to me and I'm so glad to have met such a lovely woman!

Knowledgeable, relaxing, calming