Employee Wellness

We work to support your staff to decrease their stress levels.
In doing so we create the opportunity for

– increased performance
– increased attendance
– improved mental health
– improved morale

The following statistics are taken from the HSE

15.4 million days lost to work-related stress in 2017/18

There were 0.6 million cases of work-related stress, anxiety or depression in 2017/18 (44%)

The other causes were musculoskeletal disorders (35 per cent)

Working from home over since 2020 has allowed for the mental health of some workers to decline, some employers have struggled to look after the mental health and physical health of their staff.   Now as we are moving towards a hybrid way of working, or returning the staff back to the offices there are greater opportunities to provide better support to all staff.

This is where we can help – We are a team of individual therapists offering a wide range of therapies who come together to support the wellbeing of your staff.  We have decades of experience in:

Seated Chair Massage; Reflexology; Swedish Therapeutic Massage; Deep Tissue Massage; Meditation; Hypnotherapy; Constellation workshops (over Zoom); Counselling (over Zoom); Dietary support (over Zoom)

We offer therapies in your business premises either in groups or one to one.  We also provide a discreet listening service for employees to express how they feel; without judgement.

We have been working within office environments for many years with business such as:

Percol, PIE, Westfield, Eveline Day Nursery Schools, Mitsubishi Corp, Mid City Place, Verizon, Playtech, American Express and many more…  

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is no! We can offer seated chair massage or massage through clothing.  The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and relaxed.

We recommend a quiet conference room with closed doors and blinds to give privacy and peace and quiet. Ideally a space without strip lighting, but this can’t always be possible. If using the massage table we need a minimum of 7ft by 4ft space to work in.


Amanda has been giving us massage in our offices for several years. We all really appreciate her coming and can't wait for her next visit. We feel calmer and more relaxed ready for the week ahead. Thank you.

Sarah Hall, Percol

You are such an asset and bring so much joy to the people you meet

Funmi Johnson, PIE
TAOH Employee Wellness

Prices for Emotional Support

All prices are for treatments at the onsite and exclude parking or transport charges. Our base is in Farnborough, Hampshire but we cover a wide area including Hampshire, Surrey, and Berkshire.

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Talk to Amanda today about how we can help your office today.  Phone 07989 604750 or complete the form below

TAOH Employee Wellness