Employee Wellness

Are you looking to boost morale?  Increase attendance?  Improve performance?  Or just simply reward your staff for consistently doing a great job?

I work to support your staff so that they can:
Feel calmer and less stressed so that there will be
an increase in attendance
an opportunity to improve mental health
and definitely improve morale

How can I help you?
I offer:
Seated chair massage
Indian Head Massage
Myofascial Release
Facial Shiatsu
all hands on therapies.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is no! I can offer seated chair massage or massage through clothing.  The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and relaxed.

I recommend a quiet conference room with closed doors and blinds to give privacy and peace and quiet. Ideally a space without strip lighting, but this can’t always be possible. If using the massage table I need a minimum of 7ft by 4ft space to work in.

The set up is your choice, either the company pay or the staff pay directly to me.  You decide who.  If the staff are paying I will need confirmation of numbers before the day.

I normally request a minimum of three hours for the booking.


Amanda has been giving us massage in our offices for several years. We all really appreciate her coming and can't wait for her next visit. We feel calmer and more relaxed ready for the week ahead. Thank you.

You are such an asset and bring so much joy to the people you meet

TAOH Employee Wellness


All prices are for treatments at the onsite and exclude parking or transport charges. My work base is in Farnborough, Hampshire but I live in Ascot, so cover a wide area including Hampshire, Surrey, and Berkshire.

Some companies allow for staff to buy their own treatments and a price list can be provided if needed, generally it is £1.50 minute or £65 per hour.

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Talk to me today about how I can help your office. 
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TAOH Employee Wellness