Osho Dynamic Meditation with Amanda

North Ascot Community Centre
Fernbank Road Winkfield Row SL5 8LA

Welcome to this wonderful offering of Osho’s Dynamic Meditation.

Amanda Riley from The ART of Healing will be hosting this powerful, active meditation to allow us to be free to express ourselves fully and dynamically.

To break free of conditioning and patterns of behaviour.  This meditation is a fast, intense and thorough way to break old, ingrained patterns in the bodymind that keep one imprisoned in the past, and to experience the freedom, the witnessing, silence and peace that are hidden behind those prison walls.

Please watch the video here BEFORE booking

This meditation allows for everyone to express themselves through shouting, screaming and releasing.  It is also physically demanding on the body.   If you have any concerns, please contact me directly and we can discuss.  Your well-being is my primary concern, even though you are responsible for your health. if I have any concerns about your suitability to attend,  I may ask you to reconsider.

Please wear light comfortable clothing, we will be bare foot during the meditation.

You will need to bring a yoga mat, water and if you have a blindfold, please bring your own.   I will be supplying some also.   Please bear in mind, you do not have to be wearing one during the session, but it aides the process to keep it an internal journey.