This little girl

This little girl grew up with a mother who didn’t believe she was attractive enough.

This Little Girl

She cut out corners of photo’s because she didn’t want anyone to see her “fat” body.
She believed that if you didn’t look good enough then you weren’t, Enough.
She spent lots of money making her appearance appear just right.
That way people would like her.
She didn’t realise that people liked her for who she was, a caring and hard working nurse and loving wife and mother.
She had to be thin enough to be good enough.
This little girl was told that no man would ever love her if she was fat.
She wouldn’t be liked by her friends as much.
Certainly wouldn’t be able to go “far” in life if she didn’t wear the “right” clothes and be the “right” size.
This little girl was put on a diet aged 7, weight watchers, but literally weight watchers on every turn of her life,
at school she would be weighed,
at home her mother would walk past and suck her tummy in as if to say this is how we should be.
This little girl grew up believing that if she was thin then maybe her mummy would love her enough to stop criticising her.

This little girl was also very stubborn, she knew people liked her even though she was “fat”.

As this girl grew up she believed that she wasn’t good enough for any man to love her just is, so she had to settle for men who weren’t very kind or caring or loving.
She would eat “naughty” food because she was angry with her mummy.
She dieted and then sought approval and it wasn’t enough so she then ate to comfort herself through any pain or sadness.
Eventually this little girl had done so many bad things to her tummy that when her dad was dying of cancer she got sick.
Sick in her tummy. She tried to change her ways and failed.
She tried again and had some success but still failed.
She kept on and on pushing through the sadness and the pain and all the emotions and tried every healing modality around.
Through all this she learned about herself, her patterns of behaviour and how to love herself all over again.
In doing so she was released and set free, free from pain and suffering and free to find love and harmony and balance in her life.
This little girl still fails all the time with feeling her emotions and not feeding her emotions. But she keeps on trying.

And this little girl now knows how to try.   She knows how to love herself and acknowledges that she is human.

This little girl is me.

If your journey is a struggle,
if you need someone to listen,
if you feel like you just can’t move forward from a stressful feeling in your life.
I just might be able to help.
I might be able to uncover the real reason you are feeling this way.
Together we can set a new path forward, one that offers self compassion and love.
Come and trial for yourself, have a 10 minute chat and let’s see what happens..
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