Therapies at The Healing Hut

So why come to us? Why not have a treatment in the luxury of your own home. No need to travel, you have all your comforts around you. So why move?

These are some of the reasons why not to be at home!

  1. At home your dog barks – or wants to be involved – or eats or hides the therapists shoes whilst she is working!
  2. OR Your child interrupts
  3. OR Your Partner wants to know right now where the sugar is kept
  4. OR The doorbell rings, a parcel arrives, you forgot just how cold it is when you lie down and have to run and switch the heating on – this takes too long to warm up to be of use!, you realise half way through that you left your washing on the radiator to dry and your therapist is now able to see all your smalls!, the room isn’t really big enough to do a proper massage, so the therapist is squeezed into a small space and can’t quite do that leg pull or shoulder release that would really help

We believe you have a far superior experience coming to the Healing Hut for the following reasons:

  1. It’s totally free to park outside
  2. Leave all your stresses behind – literally you can walk away from any work, home life stress and step into our room knowing you won’t be disturbed (that’s if you switch your phone off too!)
  3. We offer you a warm welcome, a drink an opportunity to chat
  4. The hut is temperature controlled, we have fans, heating and a heated blanket for those really cold days, plus the hut itself has the best insulation when it was built and a protective layer externally that helps prevent heat from entering in the summer and heat from being lost in the winter. Plus we are hidden behind trees that provide shade for most of the day, so lovely and cool on hot summer days.
  5. When the hut was built we had a layer of crystals placed into the ground to help with the healing energy of the hut.
  6. We have piped music in the ceiling and soft dimmable lighting overhead.
  7. There is a magnetic pad on the table to help aide healing also.
  8. And finally us, when we are comfortable in our surroundings and know exactly where everything is, we know we aren’t going to worry if we drop oil on the floor, we are at our best, relaxed and ready to support you to the best of our ability.

So we look forward to seeing you in our fabulous healing hut. 07989 604750 to book.

Amanda & Victoria & Carly