Massage in Farnborough

I have only recently moved to Farnborough and notice there are lots of lovely places to receive a massage. So why would you choose me?

  • I have been in practice since 2008, I have a vast amount of experience working in many countries along the way
  • I offer a wide variety of therapies that can be brought into any treatment
  • I price my therapies competitively whilst respecting my needs
  • I have worked with a huge number of wonderful people along the way
  • I offer the personal touch in everything I do, with some laughter along the way
  • I have developed a strong listening ear and a wide open heart to support you
  • I have healing hands and I know how to use them!!
  • I work with men and women, children and the elderly, binary, non-binary, LGBTTQQIAAP all are welcome regardless of colour, religion or beliefs, just as you are all treated equally and with respect, so I would expect the same to me
  • I receive the work on myself to ensure that I am grounded, level headed and offering a safe and calm environment
  • I am psychic and intuitive and meditate daily to listen within.
  • I am always working towards being fully supportive and non-judgemental, whilst acknowledging I am human and not all knowing.
  • I am passionate about my work and love meeting new people

So what are you looking for in your massage therapist?

If it is any or all of the above then call Amanda today – 07989 604750, I would love to meet you and help you any which way I can. Thank you xx