It’s you I’m looking for!

Reminds me of Hello by Lionel Ritchie, that song was No1 for six weeks all the way back in 1984! Do you remember it? Although the words are “is it me you’re looking for?”

Is it me? Are you holding on to something that you can’t quite release?

Do you want to feel relaxed but also to have explored your inner world a little, uncover a layer of your onion in a safe and trusted way?

Maybe you know how to sit with your emotions but you just want some support with this one, because it feels bigger or harder than you feel you can cope with alone?

Are you looking to feel calmer, more relaxed and ready to let go of tension and stress?

If so, it is me – you are for me and I am for you, Ebony and Ivory in perfect harmony!!

Emotional Support is how I can help, it’s about breathing into the body, it’s about harmonising with you and feeling into where you are right now, to listen without judgement, with compassion and to be heard. Through visualising shapes and colours and safely feeling in, gently allowing the bubbles to float up and away, being present with the emotion and not the huge story you have holding it back. Just to be.

We can work in my healing hut in Farnborough, we can combine it with therapies such as Massage, Reflexology and Reiki Healing, or it can be simply to listen and feel with no touch. It can also be felt on zoom. Wherever you are, trust that I am passionate in supporting you to feel lighter within.