Enough already, Please Just Stop!

Ok I’ve had enough, honestly will you all stop it.

You won’t find a man saying it EVER!

Just stop telling me that you are sorry because you haven’t shaved your legs.

1) When you come to me I am looking to see how you’re feeling, how is your energetic body?

2) I’m noticing your gait, are you moving in a way that shows me that you might be in discomfort or have muscle tension?

3) Once on the table I’m noticing the muscle shape and tone to notice areas that may need firmer work

4) When I’m massaging your legs I’m then feeling into the muscle working through those areas of tension

5) Then I’m also working on your energetic body to see where there may be emotions arising that you may want to discuss or not.

6) I’m observing in our conversation if there are words where there is weight, I’m listening to know if you are wanting to continue the conversation or just to rest

7) I’m watching the way you are breathing to see whether there are areas where the breath isn’t reaching, where I can help to extend and stretch to help the breath reach further.

These are ONLY 7 of many observations I’m doing – and NOT one of those involves noticing body hair (which is a very normal thing to have and is great to help in the cold weather!!), I’m not noticing what you are wearing, what make up you have or not, what size you are or not (I’m terrible with external appearances, you only need to look at me to know that’s not my priority in life!!)

So please, please, please, stop apologising- You are Enough, You are Beautiful for smiling, You are Beautiful for crying. Your stomach will make noises when you stop and relax, you might snore when you lie on your back. All these things are normal and I see every single day.

I want you to come and feel at home to feel comfortable, to relax, to release and to express your emotions and chat or just rest. This is your time. So let’s not start with an apology.

Thank you