1st September – Back To School Feeling?

I remember those long hot summers, hang on did we? It felt like it when I was a child, it was so wonderful having all that time off school and we got to go away somewhere in Europe. Felt very lucky to enjoy the sunshine and get away from it all.

But then, it all comes to an end….

Back to School – no matter how old or young we are, looking out of the window today to grey, drizzly weather can bring our mood down and make us feel like those fun sunny days are over and it’s time to go back to school!

But hang on – according to the weather, next week is going to be really hot all over again, a final hurrah before we get our coats out and heads down to work! Time to enjoy that summer feeling all over again…

I’ll be back at work when the rain comes!!! Joking aside, I will be at work on Wednesday 6th, Thursday 7th and Sunday 10th in Haslemere. If you would like to book a treatment please check the system and book away – https://www.fresha.com/book-now/the-art-of-healing-wc9xfe31/all-offer?pId=861856