New Years Day 2023 Signature Treatment

Happy New Year 2023

I am open tomorrow, just for a select few people who want to create magic, who want to manifest their goals for the year.

How do we find out what works for us? How do we know what our intuition is telling us?
Through Radical and Deep Relaxation.

I help you to reach this wonderful state. I work on your feet to start, using reflexology to create space and calm. Moving into massage, healing and meditation.

I create and record a meditation with and for you to keep and use on a daily basis.

A combined reflexology and massage session with healing and meditation created and designed to help support you through the year to reach your goals. Whether that be health goals, work goals, personal achievements, you decide. We start by working out what you want to achieve whilst I work on the reflexes of your foot to soothe and calm and relax your whole body, then moving into the massage, as I work around the head I offer you the meditation devised especially for you, breathing deeply in and out to relax and engage the subconscious brain to allow for a deeper connection to your goals and then given healing to release any blocks and give you the opportunity to take the right steps towards a brighter future ahead.

But what is best is this treatment starts on 1st January 2023. There are two slots for those eagerly wanting to get straight into manifesting their desires.

It is £99 for a two hour session and you get to keep the recording of the meditation.

By the end of the treatment you will be left feeling uplifted, energised and restored ready to take on the world again.

Only 2 Spaces to book for the day – £99 for this special treatment on this special day.

10am in Farnborough Healing Hut

12pm in Farnborough Healing Hut