Healing Day in Person in Hampshire

Welcome to a fabulous day at my lovely Healing Hut in Farnborough.

A day of rest, reflection, connection and finding ourselves all over again.
The day will start with some tea or coffee and a welcome chat.
Moving into a meditation and then a chance to share, speak from the heart, laugh or cry, scream or shout all emotions are welcomed.
A break for some lunch which we will all bring along to the day. Please bring a plate of food, enough for one and we each share.

Then a little restful afternoon starting with a healing circle and then each one of us connecting with the gong, where you and the gong get to understand and feel each other.

What do you need to bring?

A plate of food and just your beautiful connected, heart centred self.

Upcoming Dates

Sunday 5th March – Creating new boundaries and learning how to say no with a clear conscience
Every day starts at 11am and ends at 4:30pm
If you are unable to attend in person I am now offering this day on zoom, and you can choose to come to the whole day or the individual parts.  Each part can be purchased separately or as a whole. https://theartofhealing.me.uk/product-category/healing-day