Part 3 of Healing Day - healing circle and share on zoom

Welcome, in order to allow for more people to attend my Healing Days I have decided to host them on Zoom also.   You have the option to attend the whole day or the option to come to the parts that resonate with you the best.

This third part of the day is to sit in a healing circle on zoom, we connect to each other through a connecting meditation and I will send healing to the circle.  We start this at 2.30pm and it will last until 3.30pm.

Each Healing Day has a different theme and intention.  There are 3 parts to the day on zoom.

1) Soul Sync Meditation
2) This is the exercise for the theme and intention of the day – how to observe blocks and free yourself
3) A healing session

Each part as a separate entity is £15, the day as a whole is £45 on zoom and £65 in person.  When in person in the hut the energy is stronger, the healing more powerful and the connection deeper with other attendees.

Upcoming Dates
Friday 18th November – Seeing Money as energy, Freeing yourself and your blocks to freedom
Sunday 8th January – Planning your goals for the year, setting your intentions
Sunday 5th February – Opening your heart to find love
Sunday 5th March – Creating new boundaries and learning how to say no with a clear conscience