1) Live ART of Healing Meditate and Share

I offer this wonderful group to allow you to speak your truth, to meditate to connect within and to share your feelings whilst being fully and actively listened to.   Being able to share and be heard within this group is a transformative experience.   To have no judgment, commentary or discussion is very different to how we respond out in the real world.   You feel held, supported and heard.   I offer you the opportunity to meditate together, to feel into your feelings and to share how you feel.

When we connect with others and share we feel part of a community, we realise how much we have in common and how we feel can be the same.   When in suffering we distance ourselves from others, creating separation and a feeling of being alone and lonely in our pain, which only exacerbates those feelings.

I know through personal experience that speaking my truth and explaining about my pain and suffering has been hard in the past.  People often want to help, to offer out guidance and supportive suggestions.   But when I had tried all options to help myself, I didn’t want more opinion, more advice and helpful ideas.   I had heard them all.   I just wanted to be heard, to be felt and to be listened to without judgment.

By reaching out, this session can be transformative, bringing inner peace, calm and tranquility.

Everyone who joins this session comes alone and leaves together.

You will leave feeling heard, more at peace, more empowered to know and trust that you have the answers and to feel supported.

I look forward to meeting you on Monday’s at 8pm.