2 hour Manifesting Radical Relaxation Therapy

How do we find out what works for us? How do we know what our intuition is telling us?
Through Radical and Deep Relaxation.

I can help you to reach a wonderful state of relaxation, calm and peace with this combined therapy by work on your feet, using reflexology to create space and calm and to identity imbalance within the body. Moving into massage to soothe, unwind and relax, creating a meditation during the healing phase to embed your intutive thoughts about your way forward, to set your intentions for how to feel and how to create your best life.

I record this guided meditation with and for you to keep and use on a daily basis.

This combined reflexology, massage, healing and meditation session has been created and designed to help support you through the year to reach your goals. Whether that be health goals, work goals, personal achievements, you decide. We start by working out what you want to achieve whilst I work on the reflexes of your foot to soothe and calm and relax your whole body, then moving into the massage, breathing deeply in and out to relax and engage the subconscious brain to allow for a deeper connection to your goals and then given healing to release any blocks and give you the opportunity to take the right steps towards a brighter future ahead.

But what is best is this treatment starts on 1st January 2023. There are two slots for those eagerly wanting to get straight into manifesting their desires.

It is £99 for a two hour session and you get to keep the recording of the meditation.

You can book directly through me, by contacting me on 07989 604750 or reply to the email sent after your payment has been made.

My joy and passion in life is helping people to reach their goals, I have supported many women through fertility treatment, some have gone through to having their own children without needing IVF, some have had IVF work for them and others have gone through the adoption process.  Knowing that I helped to support them to reach this and seeing their pictures on social media of their happy families brings me so much joy.   This is just one of many problems that I have supported people through, many experiences not joyful, such as a cancer diagnosis, divorce, stress and anxiety and dis-ease.   But also temporary stressors, pre-wedding nerves, exam stress, moving house or just simple daily aches and pains.   I am extraordinarily grateful and priviledged to have been able to support so many people since 2008 and I continue to be grateful for each and every one who wants to work with me.   Thank you for booking this treatment today, I aim to provide the best care and service for you.