2 and a half hours Radical Relaxation Therapy

Are you pushing forward with your goals and feel like you aren’t getting anywhere?

Do you feel like work is an uphill battle?  Are you working so hard, feeling exhausted and not experiencing joy any more?

Are you feeling like life isn’t rewarding you and you don’t know how to move forward?


How do you find out what works for you?

How do you know what is intuitively right for you?

How can you make powerful shifts in your thinking?


Through Radical and Deep Relaxation.

What?  Not working harder?

Working smarter.


I can help you to reach a wonderful state of radical and deep relaxation, calm and peace with my signature treatment.

This two and a half hour therapy of Reflexology, Massage, Healing & Meditation will radically relax you.   Your mind will switch off, your body will rest and in this divine state of bliss your inner wisdom and your intuition rises up bringing clarity where there once was ambiguity and confusion.

We start by simply talking things through and allowing any pressing issues to be aired and released.  The mind can settle as we lead into working on the reflexes of your feet to soothe and calm and relax your whole body.

From this state of peace we move towards therapeutic massage, firm where there is tension and relaxing then flowing into the healing to release any blocks and rebalance your emotions.  Elevating your senses, through essential oils as we glide through the treatment.

I create the words for your guided meditation and record during your treatment so that you have the memories to return to in times of stress.

It is £177 for this two and a half hour session and you get to keep the recording of the meditation.

I will contact you to arrange a suitable time, I work evenings and weekends and Bank Holidays.   So that I can support you in your free time.

My joy and passion in life is helping people to reach their goals.

I am extraordinarily grateful and priviledged to have been able to support so many people since 2008 and I continue to be grateful for each and every one who wants to work with me.   Thank you for booking this treatment today, I aim to provide the best care and service for you.

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