11 Minute Meditation on Anger and releasing

A wonderful meditation on anger and allowing some of your anger to be released in a safe way. Bringing more energy to you and lightness towards your situation.

This meditation was made in the energy field of another and I highly recommend, if you enjoy this, listening to others in the series. These can be found here – https://theartofhealing.me.uk/product-category/meditation/

The person who I created this for wrote and said “Thank you so much for the anger meditation, it really brought up some deep-set emotions and allowed me to transform them into a more positive energy. I don’t identify as an angry person, so being given permission to feel angry was incredibly empowering. You reminded me that it’s ok to feel angry and doesn’t make me a bad person.
I struggled to vocalise my anger but was able to visualise it instead. My poor cushion took a hammering but boy did it feel good to let go! By the end I pictured myself as a lioness, roaring and re-gaining control, something I can hold on to and use when I need it. 
Thank you Amanda xxx”

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