Valentine’s Day

This year, and every year let Valentine’s Day be a day of self love, why not decide to include yourself as one of the people you love? How about simply choosing to love yourself?

When you choose to love yourself, you nurture yourself, you value yourself, you create and set boundaries for yourself. You feed yourself the right foods, you give yourself permission to have a great nights rest, you drink the right levels for your body.

Loving yourself means taking care of yourself like you would take care of a partner or a child, friend or family member.   It means giving yourself what is right for you, sometimes it’s simply allowing ten minutes in a day to sit in a bath and relax.   For others it can be going for a walk or run.   Being in nature, meeting a friend, cheering yourself up if you’ve been feeling down or maybe it’s just giving yourself the time and space to relax.   

This is where we are the experts – Choose our signature treatment, a 90 minute fully immersive experience.    Reflexology, Reiki & Massage combined for 90 minutes to allow you to fully relax, restore and repair.

Amanda Riley is qualified in a wide range of therapies to help YOU to reconnect back to YOU

You can still love those around you too by giving them a gift of a therapy voucher.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day. Fill your hearts with love xxx

The Art of Healing - Love
Love love love