Turning Dreams into reality

I have been giving massages to clients for over 13 years now, 13 years of relaxation, rest and repair.

Over those years I have had the pleasure of working for people in so many different areas, working in hospitals like Frimley Park, The Royal Surrey County Hospital, St George’s Tooting and Mount Alvernia. I have worked in a tennis hut, a red tent, a room with bullet holes in Sarajevo, marquees, grand houses and tiny flats, mud huts in Malawi, big offices and small, clinics up and down the country but never have I worked from my very own space in my own garden.

There are many firsts for me this year and so I am reflecting now on when I attended my first group coaching session in a house in Tooting, London, back in 2012.   At that time relatively newly qualified and keen to find more business. We were told to write what we wanted to achieve in the future and I wrote that I wanted my own clinic.  I surprised myself and thought it funny but then we had to tell the person next to us.   I could tell the person next to me was impressed that I wanted to do this, they must have looked at my shabby exterior and probably thought I wouldn’t be up to much!!

But even I was surprised at my telling of this idea, I seemed to appear to be bold enough to choose this for myself and to almost expect that this was my future.   I then quickly felt embarrassed, who was I to think I could have this dream of my own clinic space, I wouldn’t be able to do that, I didn’t know enough, how would I manage to run my own business?!   So I shifted out of the feeling of acceptance and into fear.

This idea never left me, I sought help from many wise sages, psychics and coaches, they all saw the future for me with my own centre and how I would be helping hundreds if not thousands of people in my lifetime.   Over time my confidence grew, my self-belief and my passion.   Working with so many different people I had the chance to really know and understand so many different experiences.  I am sure many people wondered just when was I going to do it, I have talked about it for so long!  But life had lessons to teach me, people to meet and goals to achieve.  I had places to visit and experiences along the way, all paving the way towards a bigger and brighter future ahead. 

Now this is beginning to take shape, at last my dreams from a tiny acorn are all starting to grow and now my reality is arriving in the form of a lovely new healing hut in my garden in Farnborough, to give massage, reflexology and healing.

Through all the heartache and pain, learning and yearning, I know now that my dreams were actually a plan, it was all being laid out for me, I just had to stop and listen.  I can try and move away from the plan, but ultimately I am led back towards it, my karma, my dharma, my life.

I am so grateful that this is my path, it’s my passion and I love helping people to find their way forward.  

What is your plan?