Mental Health Awareness Week

This week should be in the diary to remind us to check in.  But how many times do we ask ourselves “How is my mental health?”

Many people suffer with their mental health problems on a daily basis, so really do not need a week to remind them of this.   But there are a silent majority who don’t feel like they have a “mental health” problem.   That’s not me, I’m just feeling a bit sad or blue, I’ll get over it.

The fact is we all have mental health, it’s just a matter of how your mental health is in this moment.   That can change from moment to moment, just sitting and listening to how you feel can help you to shift your current state of mind.

Amanda at The ART of Healing can really help you, just to listen, feel and engage.

If you would like some support with just that, then book a zoom call with me today –

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