International Self-Care Day

Sunday 24th July 2022 is marketed now as International Self-Care Day. So let’s roll with it.

What does Self-Care mean to you?
How often do you find yourself slipping into negative thoughts about your self-care? I don’t eat properly, I don’t exercise enough, I don’t sleep for long enough, I work too hard, I am always on the go, I don’t speak to my friends often enough….. The list goes on an on. We can spend hours upon hours berating ourselves for not having done, simply known as I SHOULD be.
But how about challenging these thoughts and making Self-Care being simply approving of your self, loving yourself, forgiving yourself for all those “shoulds” that you try and impose and accepting that you are where you are? Maybe, self care is just about accepting to be happy in this moment even though you haven’t had avocado and toast for breakfast!!

If you are finding that life is just a little more stressful lately and those “shoulds” are creeping in, why not try a few of these on my list of easy wins

What can you do to care for yourself?

  1. Book a massage treatment today (well I would say that wouldn’t I!!)
  2. Drink one more glass of water today – make it an easy win
  3. Go for a little walk today – somewhere new and out in nature
  4. Join my daily meditation group
  5. Just sit for five seconds and focus on your breath
  6. Read a chapter of a book
  7. Have a lie in today
  8. Ask yourself if you were to die tomorrow what would you really need to do today and drop everything else, just for today.
  9. For your next meal only eat vegetables
  10. Watch your favourite comedian and laugh very loudly.