Hideous Acts under the banner of “Massage”

There are stories in the press today about serious offences committed by “massage therapists” whilst going to people’s homes. These relate to male therapists working on females.

It should go without saying that these are horrible acts of betrayal, it takes a huge element of trust to be able to lie in a treatment room without clothes on. This is something the majority of therapists understand and respect. Unfortunately, it appears that there are a very tiny element who do not understand and use this to their advantage. I am really shocked and saddened by this. I came into this beautiful work because I want to help people to feel relaxed, calm and at peace.

I fully welcome additional registration to try and prevent this happening in future. But for those with any concerns there are several governing bodies to support the therapist and the public from being duped. If you have any concerns about a therapist ask them who they are insured with, what the name of their professional register – I pay to be registered by the Federation of Holistic Therapists – they check my qualifications and insurance annually to ensure I am fully able to practice and they do not accept several of my qualifications, such as Pranic Healing, as they do not consider it to be worthy of a professional qualification as the certificate is given to anyone who attends a weekend workshop. So please choose your therapists wisely to prevent any harm.

One of the companies currently being scrutinised because one of their therapists was jailed is Urban. I have worked under the banner of Urban and am also a current shareholder of Urban and my experience of them is positive. They have given me work when I have needed to earn some extra and the registration process is rigorous. Unlike a lot of companies they do require you to take a hands on assessment at their offices with qualified therapists and you are tested on your anatomy and physiology. But still even with all these extra checks and rigorous processes two of their therapists behaved in this way. Sadly, sometimes these people just slip through the net.

Let’s hope that stories like these will be a thing of past!