Healing Day

Our first day in the Healing Hut was on Sunday 11th September 2022, due the great success of this we quickly followed up with another one on Sunday 2nd October 2022. Now there are additional dates in the diary too

Upcoming Dates

Sunday 6th November
Friday 18th November
Sunday 8th January
Sunday 5th February
Sunday 5th March

Having a fabulous day

Everyone arrived and had a tea and we settled into the hut for our first part of the day the lovely Soul Sync Meditation, which helps you to manifest your highest intentions. It is a widely known fact that visualisation works to help support people acheive their goals. Top athletes prepare for events by visually working through the event leading up to the day and this meditation uses visualisation to “see” yourself acheiving your goals and it has really helped me to realise my goals.

We then all shared how the meditation was for us, some seeing wonderful colours and lights and all wonderful things, coming into connection and sharing our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Lunch was so yummy outside in the sunshine and with great company we all had so many stories to share.

After lunch we continued to the healing hut to have a healing circle, we all sat in a circle and held hands and I went round and gave healing to us all. We shared and laughed again before moving into playing the gongs and other musical pieces, really wonderful connected experience. We all had a play and felt the huge vibrations from the gong and how powerful it was.

I HIGHLY recommend Amanda’s healing day, you absolutely need this in your life! I was able to work through some huge emotions that I’d been struggling with and came away much lighter & with a real sense of clarity and connection. Really powerful stuff. We laughed, we cried, we shared and it was a truly beautiful experience ❤️

Rachel Murphy

I cannot rave ENOUGH about this and urge you to give yourself permission to be nourished and looked after; mind, body and soul by the incredible Amanda. I felt a HUGE shift and release of something I’d been carrying for my whole life and it has felt so much lighter since. I’m so grateful to Amanda and the other girls for this xxx

Lauren Hughes

It was such an uplifting day. I was so grateful and inspired to spend time with you lovely ladies. ??

I spent the most amazing day with Amanda at her healing hut. There’s something truly special about Amanda and how she holds space for you to just ‘be’. If you are in a place where you need to connect with yourself on a different level in order to process things, in order to heal, then Amanda is the safest, gentlest person to hold your hand whilst doing it. Her healing day is simply divine and was a wonderful opportunity to practice meditation, and meet some likeminded, soulful women too. Plus I got to play a gong!! Everyone needs to do that. AMAZING

Kirsty Leitch

Wonderful shifts, heart centred connected work that doesn’t feel like work, it feels like FUN. We laughed and cried and shared. Each session is different and we bring what we need to each one.

The next date is Sunday 6th November 2022 at 10:30am to 4pm £65 for the day.

To book – https://theartofhealing.me.uk/product/healingday/