Exciting News

This year I have decided to get back into the voluntary sector and offer some hours a week to give therapies to those in need. After being recommended several charities within the cancer field, I asked if anyone had any other ideas as I have spent 8 years volunteering my time with cancer patients already. I wanted to branch out to something and somewhere different. I was looking for somewhere within Farnborough ideally too.

Someone on Facebook suggested Limbcare, my immediate thoughts were that it must be for service men and women, given that we are around the corner from Aldershot Garrison! How wrong I was!

I contacted the lovely Jim at Limbcare and he advised that I come round and have a chat, so I met them in their lovely offices in Farnborough and was greeted by Jim, James and Ray. All had so much to share with me, they were so friendly and welcoming and we had lots of ideas about how to set up a service giving therapies to Limb impaired, and amputees.

Ray Edwards MBE, The UK’s Longest surviving quad amputee, set up the charity and is clearly hugely passionate about helping others to come through the incredibly difficult mental process of the change that this can bring in someone’s life. I was listening in awe about his journey, and have subsequently gone on to read his amazing book “I’m Still Standing”.

I am very much looking forward to starting to volunteer my time, to be able to relieve some of the stress of life, to listen to people’s stories and to support their physical and mental health.

Thank you Limbcare for welcoming me on board.