Welcome to my new blog and my lovely new grown up website!

23rd June 2020

As we are living in rather uniquely strange times I have not been able to work since 22nd March and yet I have seen a lot of people are desperate for support and simple human touch. I have struggled not to be able to help and reach out also…….

As we are living through this COVID time there is a wide range of guidance on how to protect ourselves with various masks, protective gear etc.    

I have taken a middle ground, I have taken a series of tests to ensure I am trained in the correct use of masks, gloves and cleaning products. As I have worked in four different hospitals over the years, wearing protective clothing is something I am very familiar with.     

I have bought masks, disposable couch covers, gloves and a huge number of cleaning products to ensure that I am doing my part to keep this virus away and keep my clients and myself safe. I will be working when the government tells me that I can. And then my insurance and memberships will cover all treatments too.  

I will be working from home in Haslemere only for at least the next few months.   So my lovely new website will be able to take bookings for me and I have created a space between bookings so that I can wash and change the bedding, clean the table and change to another table. So I will rotate table use to give a further chance for anything not to be spread.

But mostly it will be done at your comfort level.  Where I currently live there is a lovely big garden and I’m happy to do a treatment outside as the garden isn’t overlooked by anyone.   

So there are plenty of options to help us all to stay safe and feel protected, nurtured and cared for.  

Please have a look round my website and as it’s new, please let me know if I’ve missed anything that you think might help.  Feel free to contact me on 07989 604750

Thank you, I look forward to seeing you very soon. And thank you to the wonderful Treefrog design who designed my logo, my business cards and this lovely site.